n. act of shortening by removing or omitting a part; shortened form of a word or words
English - Spanish - Abbreviation Pronunciation
s. abreviación, abreviatura, forma corta, sigla
English - French - Abbreviation Pronunciation
n. abréviation; raccourci; forme écourtée
English - German - Abbreviation Pronunciation
n. Abkürzung
English - Italian - Abbreviation Pronunciation
s. abbreviazione, forma raccorciata di un termine
English - Portuguese - Abbreviation Pronunciation
s. abreviação
English - Russian - Abbreviation Pronunciation
с. сокращение, аббревиация, аббревиатура
English - Turkish - Abbreviation Pronunciation
i. kısaltma
English - Albanian - Abbreviation Pronunciation
n. shkurtim
English - Dutch - Abbreviation Pronunciation
zn. verkorting
English - Greek - Abbreviation Pronunciation
ουσ. συντόμευση, επίτμηση, σύντμηση, συντομία, συντομογραφία
English - Chinese - Abbreviation Pronunciation
(名) 缩写; 缩写词
English - Chinese - Abbreviation Pronunciation
(名) 縮寫; 縮寫詞
English - Japanese - Abbreviation Pronunciation
(名) 部分的に省略または削除によって短くすること, 短縮; 略語
English - Korean - Abbreviation Pronunciation
명. 생략, 줄임 ; 약어
German - Chinese - Abbreviation Pronunciation
noun: shortening something by omitting parts of it
noun: a shortened form of a word or phrase
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Synonyms for Abbreviation
abridgement: contraction, abstract, abstraction, condensation, digest, outline