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English German To English - Abklatsch 
(der) n. rubbing, impression made by laying a piece of paper over a surface and rubbing with a crayon or other drawing tool (Art)
ChineseS German To ChineseS - Abklatsch 
[der] pl.Abklatsche 拓片 校样,毛样 (粗糙的)模仿
French German To French - Abklatsch 
n. pâle imitation (f), calque (m)
Italian German To Italian - Abklatsch 
n. copia (f), imitazione (f), bozza: prima bozza di stampa (f), cliché (m)
Spanish German To Spanish - Abklatsch 
n. calco (m), clisé (m), copia (f), molde (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - Abklatsch 
kopya, suret; taklit


 Synonyms for Abklatsch
Nachahmung: Abbild, Abdruck, Imitation, Klischee, Kopie, Nachbildung, Modell, Plagiat, Abzug, Attrappe, Schablone

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