Definition of Afghan Pronunciation
1. A blanket or throw, usually crocheted or knitted.
2. A type of iced chocolate biscuit, sometimes containing cornflakes and topped with a walnut, popular in Australia and New Zealand.
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English - English - Afghan Pronunciation
n. native or resident of Afghanistan
adj. of or pertaining to Afghanistan
n. wool blanket woven with geometric patterns (often knitted or crocheted by hand)
English - Spanish - Afghan Pronunciation
s. afganistanés, nativo de Afganistán
adj. afgano, de o relativo a Afganistán
English - French - Afghan Pronunciation
n. Afghan, personne native ou citoyenne de l'Afghanistan
adj. afghan, relatif ou spécifique à l'Afghanistan
n. moquette ou tapis de laine ayant des motifs géométriques (souvent crocheté à la main)
English - German - Afghan Pronunciation
n. Afghane, Einwohner oder bürger Afghanistans
adj. afghanisch, aus oder sich auf Afghanistan beziehend
n. Wolldecke mit geometrischem Muster (oft von Hand gemacht)
English - Italian - Afghan Pronunciation
s. afgano, nativo o residente dell'Afganistan
agg. afgano, dell'Afganistan
English - Polish - Afghan Pronunciation
n. afgańczyk
a. afgański
English - Portuguese - Afghan Pronunciation
s. afeganês, cidadão do Afeganistão
adj. afeganês, do Afeganistão
s. manta de lã tecida com padrões geométricos (geralmente feita de tricô ou crochê)
English - Russian - Afghan Pronunciation
прил. афганский
с. афганец, афганка; афганский язык; вязаный шерстяной платок
English - Turkish - Afghan Pronunciation
s. Afgan, Afganistan ile ilgili
i. afgan, afganlı, afganca
English - Ukrainian - Afghan Pronunciation
n. афганець
a. афганський
French - English - Afghan Pronunciation
adj. Afghan, of or pertaining to Afghanistan
English - Dutch - Afghan Pronunciation
zn. Afghaan, bewoner van Afghanistan
bn. Afgaans (betr. Afghanistan)
zn. wollen deken met geometrische patronen (vaak gebreid of gehaakt met de hand)
English - Greek - Afghan Pronunciation
επίθ. αφγανός
ουσ. είδος κουβέρτας, αφγανός
French - Spanish - Afghan Pronunciation
1. (général) afgano
2. (langue) afgano (m)
French - German - Afghan Pronunciation
n. afghane
French - Italian - Afghan Pronunciation
1. (général) afgano
2. (langue) afgano (m)
French - Portuguese - Afghan Pronunciation
1. (général) afegão
2. (langue) afegão (m)
French - Russian - Afghan Pronunciation
n. афганец (m)
a. афганский
French - Dutch - Afghan Pronunciation
1. (général) Afghaans
2. (langue) Afghaans (n)
English - Arabic - Afghan Pronunciation
‏الأفغاني، اللغة الأفغانية، بطانية ملونة، سجادة كبيرة‏
English - Chinese - Afghan Pronunciation
(名) 阿富汗语, 阿富汗人, 一种针织软毛毯
(形) 阿富汗人的, 阿富汗的
English - Chinese - Afghan Pronunciation
(名) 阿富汗語, 阿富汗人, 一種針織軟毛毯
(形) 阿富汗人的, 阿富汗的
English - Hindi - Afghan Pronunciation
n. अफ़ग़ान
a. अफ़ग़ानी
English - Japanese - Afghan Pronunciation
(名) アフガニスタン人(Afghani とも綴る)
(形) アフガニスタンの; アフガン人の
(名) アフガン, 幾何学模様に編みこまれたウールのブランケット
English - Korean - Afghan Pronunciation
명. 아프간, 아프가니,아프가니스탄 사람
형. 아프가니스탄 사람의, 아프가니스탄의
명. 기하학적인 무늬가 짜여진 모직 담요( 대개 수공예로 짜여진)
English - Vietnamese - Afghan Pronunciation
n. người A phú hản
a. dân A phú hản, thuộc về A phú hản
German - Chinese - Afghan Pronunciation
adj. 阿富汗的。

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