Definition of Ali Baba Pronunciation
Proper Noun
1. The fictional protagonist of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, famous for his encounter with forty thieves and their treasure trove cave that opens on the command "open sesame".
2. An extremely lucky person, especially one who acquires a large fortune by luck or by chance.
3. An Iraqi.
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English - English - Ali Baba Pronunciation
n. Ali Baba, poor woodcutter who entered the cave of the forty thieves by means of the magic words "Open Sesame"
English - Spanish - Ali Baba Pronunciation
Alí Baba
English - French - Ali Baba Pronunciation
Ali Baba, héros du conte des "Mille et une nuits", personne qui pénétra dans la caverne des 40 voleurs en utilisant le mot magique "Sésame ouvre-toi" (Ali Baba et les 40 voleurs, film avec Fernandel)
English - German - Ali Baba Pronunciation
Ali Baba
English - Italian - Ali Baba Pronunciation
Ali Babà
English - Portuguese - Ali Baba Pronunciation
Ali Babá, lenhador pobre que entrou na caverna dos quarenta ladrões por meio das palavras mágicas "Abre-te Sésamo" (As Mil e Uma Noites)
English - Dutch - Ali Baba Pronunciation
Ali Baba
English - Japanese - Ali Baba Pronunciation
アリババ, 開けゴマと魔法の言葉を言って40人の盗賊の洞穴に入った貧しい木こり(アラビアンナイトの物語から)
English - Korean - Ali Baba Pronunciation
알리바바, "열려라 참깨" 라는 주문을 통해 40인의 도둑의 굴로 들어갔던 가난한 나무꾼( " 아라비안 나이트" 이야기 중)

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