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English English - Definition of Angevin 
adj. of or pertaining to Anjou
n. resident or native of Anjou
n. Angevine, native or resident of Anjou (former province in France); town in the province of Quebec (Canada)
Spanish English To Spanish - Angevin 
adj. Angevino, de o perteneciente a Anjou
s. angevino, residente o nativo de Anjou
French English To French - Angevin 
adj. Angevin, relatif ou spécifique à Anjou
n. Angevin, habitant ou natif d'Anjou
German English To German - Angevin 
adj. auf die Anjou (Königreich Siziliens) bezogen
n. Anjouaner, Einwohner oder Einheimischer von Anjou
Italian English To Italian - Angevin 
agg. Angioino, degli Angiò, nobile famiglia francese che regnò sull'Italia meridionale fra i secoli XIII e XV
s. Angioino, residente o nativo di Anjou
Portuguese English To Portuguese - Angevin 
adj. Angevin, de ou pertencente a Anjou
s. residente ou nativo de Anjou
Russian English To Russian - Angevin 
прил. анжуйский
Turkish English To Turkish - Angevin 
s. anjou ile ilgili, anjou halkından olan
i. anjou kraliyet ailesinden kimse
English French To English - Angevin 
n. Angevine, native or resident of Anjou (former province in France); town in the province of Quebec (Canada)
Dutch English To Dutch - Angevin 
bn. mbt Anjou
Japanese English To Japanese - Angevin 
(名) アンジュー人
(形) アンジューの
Korean English To Korean - Angevin 
형. 앙주의


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