Definition of Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
Proper Noun
1. The inflected ancestor language of modern English, also called Old English, spoken in Britain from about 400 AD to 1100 AD.
2. A member of the Germanic peoples who settled in England during the early fifth century.
3. A person of English ethnic descent.
4. A light-skinned person presumably of North European descent like British.
5. Profanity, especially words derived from Old English.
6. Related to the Anglo-Saxon peoples or language.
7. Favouring a liberal free market economy.
8. Descended from some other North European settlers like the British (English).
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English - English - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
n. member of the Germanic peoples in England before the 12th century; language of the Germanic peoples in England before the 12th century, Old English; English-man
adj. of or pertaining to the Anglo-Saxons
adj. Anglo-Saxon, of the Anglo-Saxons
English - Spanish - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
s. anglosajón
adj. anglosajón, de o perteneciente a los Anglosajones o ingleses
English - French - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
n. Anglo-saxon (peut être utilisé comme adjectif ou comme substantif)
English - German - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
n. Angelsaxe, Angehöriger des germannischen Volkes in England während des 12 Jahrhunderts heimisch; angelsächsische Sprache, altes Englisch; englischer Mann
adj. angel-sächsisch, con oder sich auf die Angel-Sachsen beziehend
English - Italian - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
s. anglosassone, membro di un popolo germanico che visse in Inghilterra prima del 12esimo secolo; lingua anglosassone; inglese
agg. che riguarda gli anglosassoni
English - Portuguese - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
s. Anglo-Saxão, membro de um dos povos germânicos da Inglaterra antes do século XII; seu idioma, inglês antigo; pessoa inglesa; dos anglo-saxões
adj. anglo-saxônico
English - Russian - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
англо-сакс, англо-саксонский
English - Turkish - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
i. anglosakson, eski ingilizce
French - English - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
adj. Anglo-Saxon, of the Anglo-Saxons
English - Dutch - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
zn. Angelsaksisch
English - Greek - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
Ουσ. Αγγλοσάξονας
French - Spanish - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
(histoire - homme) anglosajón (m)
French - German - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
n. angelsachse, angelsächsisch
adj. angelsächsisch
French - Italian - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
(histoire - homme) sassone (m); anglosassone (m)
French - Portuguese - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
(histoire - homme) saxão (m); anglo-saxão (m)
French - Russian - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
n. англосакс (m)
French - Dutch - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
(histoire - homme) Angelsakser (m)
English - Chinese - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
盎格鲁撒克逊人; 盎格鲁撒克逊人的
English - Chinese - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
盎格魯撒克遜人; 盎格魯撒克遜人的
English - Japanese - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
(名) アングロサクソン人, 12世紀前にイングランドに移入したゲルマン民族; アングロサクソン語, 古英語; イギリス人
(形) アングロサクソンの
English - Korean - Anglo-Saxon Pronunciation
명. 앵글로 색슨족, 12세기 이전 영국에 있는 게르만족; 구 영어; 영국사람; 앵글로 색슨족의

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