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English German To English - Berichtigung 
(die) n. rectification, act of fixing, correction, reparation
Dutch German To Dutch - Berichtigung 
ChineseS German To ChineseS - Berichtigung 
[die] pl.Berichtigungen 调整。矫正。改正。
French German To French - Berichtigung 
n. correction (f), rectification (f)
Italian German To Italian - Berichtigung 
n. correzione (f), rettifica (f), saldo (m), raddrizzamento (m)
Russian German To Russian - Berichtigung 
n. исправление (f), корректив (f), поправка (f), опровержение (f), изменение (f), уплата (f), урегулирование (f)
Spanish German To Spanish - Berichtigung 
n. rectificación (f), ajuste (m), saldo (m), arreglo (m), corrección (f), enmienda (f), pago (m), puntualización (f), razón (f), retoque (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - Berichtigung 
i. düzeltme (f)


 Synonyms for Berichtigung
Korrektur: Verbesserung, Richtigstellung, Stornierung

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