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English French To English - Bord 
n. shore, fringe, edge, river bank, board
English German To English - Bord 
n. board, long flat piece of wood; table; passage in a mine which is lined with solid coal (Mining); surface of coal that runs parallel to the cleavage planes (Mining)
English Albanian To English - Bord 
n. broadside
English Dutch To English - Bord 
n. blackboard, chalkboard; plank, board; plate, dish; shield, plaque
French Dutch To French - Bord 
1. (scholen - universiteiten) tableau noir
2. (keukengerei) assiette (f)
3. (hoeveelheid) assiettée (f); assiette (f)
Dutch French To Dutch - Bord 
1. (général) rand (m); kant van de weg 2. (tasse) rand (m); boord (m/n)
3. (falaise) rand (m) 4. (route) rand (m); boord (m/n); zoom (m); kant (m)
5. (géographie) oever (m) 6. (bordure) rand (m); boord (m/n); kant (m); zoom (m)
Dutch German To Dutch - Bord 
boord ,plank
German French To German - Bord 
n. kante, küste, krempe, rand, eingang, grat, saum, bord, ufer
Italian French To Italian - Bord 
1. (général) orlo (m); bordo (m); banchina (f); ciglio della strada 2. (tasse) bordo (m); orlo (m)
3. (falaise) orlo (m); bordo (m) 4. (route) margine (m)
5. (géographie) riva (f); sponda (f); argine (m) 6. (bordure) bordura (f); bordo (m); orlatura (f); orlo (m)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - Bord 
1. (général) borda (f); orla (f); beira da estrada 2. (tasse) borda (f)
3. (falaise) beirada (f); borda (f) 4. (route) beira (f)
5. (géographie) margem (f) 6. (bordure) borda (f); margem (f); orla (f); beirada (f)
Russian French To Russian - Bord 
n. кант (m), край (m), сторона (m), кромка (m), граница (m), берег (m), борт (m), поле шляпы (m), рант (m), закраина (тех.) (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - Bord 
1. (général) borde (m); borde de la carretera 2. (tasse) borde (m)
3. (falaise) borde (m) 4. (route) borde (m); arcén (m)
5. (géographie) ribera (f); orilla (f) 6. (bordure) borde (m); margen (m); orla (f); ribete (m)
Turkish French To Turkish - Bord 
[le] kenar; sahil, kıyı; kenar süsü, şerit; zırh; gemi bordası
ChineseS German To ChineseS - Bord 
French German To French - Bord 
n. étagère (f), rive (f), tablette (f), bord (m), talus (m)
Italian German To Italian - Bord 
n. bordo (m)
Russian German To Russian - Bord 
n. борт (m), полка (n)
Spanish German To Spanish - Bord 
n. bordo (m), borda (f), anaquel (m), estante (m), borde (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - Bord 
i. kenar (m), borda (m), raf (m)


 Synonyms for Bord
1. côte: littoral, plage, rivage, rive, berge, grève
2. extrémité: bordure, lisière, périphérie, pourtour, côté, contour, frange, grève, limite, marge, orée, orifice, rebord
3. bordée:
4. bord à bord:

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