Definition of Byelorussian Pronunciation
1. A native or inhabitant of Byelorussia.
2. The Slavic language spoken in Belarus.
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English - French - Byelorussian Pronunciation
English - Polish - Byelorussian Pronunciation
n. białorus, białorusin
a. białoruski
English - Romanian - Byelorussian Pronunciation
n. bielorus
a. bielorus
English - Russian - Byelorussian Pronunciation
с. белорус (M), белоруска (F), белорусский язык
прил. белорусский
English - Dutch - Byelorussian Pronunciation
bn. wit-russisch
zn. wit-rus
English - Chinese - Byelorussian Pronunciation
(名) 白俄罗斯人; 白俄罗斯语
(形) 白俄罗斯人的; 白俄罗斯语的; 白俄罗斯的
English - Hindi - Byelorussian Pronunciation
n. बेलोरूसि
a. बेलेरूस का

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