Definition of Capitol Pronunciation
1. Capitol, the temple of Jupiter on the Capitoline Hill in Ancient Rome.
2. Any building or complex of buildings in which a legislature meets.
The capitol building is located smack-dab in the middle of the state capital.
3. Capitoul, the former chief magistrates of Toulouse, France.
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English - English - Capitol Pronunciation
n. building which houses a state legislature
n. Capitol, temple of Jupiter in Rome; building used by the United States Congress
English - Spanish - Capitol Pronunciation
s. capitolio (edificio del Congreso en Washington; templo de Júpiter en Roma)
s. capitolio, edificio elevado y majestuoso, edificio del congreso
English - French - Capitol Pronunciation
n. le Capitol, bâtiment utilisé comme Le congrès américain (Washington); temple de Jupiter à Rome
n. Capitol, bâtiment employé comme la chambre des députés (Washington-USA)
English - German - Capitol Pronunciation
n. Capitol, Gebäude des amerikanischen Kongresses; Jupitertempel in Rom
n. Capitol (Gesetzgeberhaus im alten Rom; in Washington)
English - Indonesian - Capitol Pronunciation
n. gedung dewan perwakilan rakyat negara bagian
English - Italian - Capitol Pronunciation
s. (Stor; rom, SU) Campidoglio
s. (Stor; rom, SU) Campidoglio
English - Portuguese - Capitol Pronunciation
s. Capitol (prédio do congresso em Washington, templo em Roma)
s. Capitol, sede do parlamento americano
English - Romanian - Capitol Pronunciation
n. capitoliu
npr. Capitoliu {ist.}
English - Russian - Capitol Pronunciation
с. административное здание
English - Turkish - Capitol Pronunciation
i. Jüpiter tapınağı (roma)
English - Ukrainian - Capitol Pronunciation
n. капітолій, конгрес: будинок конгресу сша, будинок законодавчих зборів штату
German - English - Capitol Pronunciation
n. building used by the United States Congress (in Washington D.C.); temple of Jupiter in Rome
Romanian - English - Capitol
n. chapter, section, title
Dutch - English - Capitol Pronunciation
npr. capitol
English - Dutch - Capitol Pronunciation
zn. Capitool, huis van wetgeving
English - Greek - Capitol Pronunciation
ουσ. καπιτώλιο
German - Turkish - Capitol Pronunciation
English - Chinese - Capitol Pronunciation
(名) 美国国会大厦; 州议会大厦; 古罗马邱伯特神殿
(名) 国会大厦; 主神殿; 州议会大厦
English - Chinese - Capitol Pronunciation
(名) 美國國會大廈; 州議會大廈; 古羅馬邱比特神殿
(名) 國會大廈; 主神殿; 州議會大廈
English - Hindi - Capitol Pronunciation
n. कैपिटील
English - Japanese - Capitol Pronunciation
(名) 国会議事堂, 米国会議に使う建物(ワシントンD.C.にある); カピトル神殿, ローマのジュピター寺院
(名) 州議事堂
English - Korean - Capitol Pronunciation
명. 미국 국회 의사당 건물 (워싱턴 디.씨에 있는); 로마에 있는 주피터 신전
English - Vietnamese - Capitol Pronunciation
n. thủ đô, đền thờ thần Jupiter ở cổ la mã
npr. điện Capitol ở hoa kỳ
German - Chinese - Capitol Pronunciation

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