n. methyl alcohol (Chemistry)
English - Spanish - Carbinol Pronunciation
s. carbinol, alcohol metílico (Quím.)
English - French - Carbinol Pronunciation
n. alcool méthylique (Chimie))
English - German - Carbinol Pronunciation
n. Methylalkohol (chem.)
English - Italian - Carbinol Pronunciation
s. alcol metilico (chimica)
English - Portuguese - Carbinol Pronunciation
s. álcool metílico, carbinol (Quím.)
English - Turkish - Carbinol Pronunciation
English - Dutch - Carbinol Pronunciation
zn. alcoholmethyl (in chemie)
English - Chinese - Carbinol Pronunciation
(名) 甲醇; 原醇
English - Chinese - Carbinol Pronunciation
(名) 甲醇; 原醇
English - Japanese - Carbinol Pronunciation
(名) カルビノール(化学)
German - Chinese - Carbinol Pronunciation
(n.) Methyl alcohol, CH3OH; -- also, by extension, any one in the homologous series of paraffine alcohols of which methyl alcohol is the type.
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