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Proper Noun
1. The Roman goddess of agriculture; equivalent to the Greek goddess Demeter.
2. A celestial body orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, the largest asteroid and innermost dwarf planet; officially called 1 Ceres.
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English - English - Ceres Pronunciation
n. goddess of agriculture (Roman mythology); first asteroid discovered (the largest and one of the brightest); town in central California (USA)
n. Ceres, goddess of agriculture (Roman mythology); first asteroid discovered (the largest and one of the brightest)
n. Ceres, town in central California (USA)
English - Spanish - Ceres Pronunciation
[cere] v. envolver en sudario
English - French - Ceres Pronunciation
n. Cérès, déesse de l'Agriculture (Mythologie romaine), premier astéroïde découvert; Ceres, ville de la Californie (USA)
English - German - Ceres Pronunciation
[cere] v. in Leichentücher wickeln
n. Ceres, Göttheit der Landwirtschaft (Römische Mythologie); erster Asteroid der jemals entdeckt wurde; Stadt im Kalifornien (USA)
English - Italian - Ceres Pronunciation
s. Ceres o Demetra, dea delle messi nella mitologia romana; il primo e più grande asteroide scoperto finora; città della California centrale (USA)
English - Portuguese - Ceres Pronunciation
s. Ceres, deusa da agricultura (Mitologia Romana); primeiro asteróide descoberto (o maior e o mais brilhante); cidade na região central da Califórnia (EUA)
English - Russian - Ceres Pronunciation
с. Церера
French - English - Ceres Pronunciation
(Centre d'études, de recherches et d'éducation socialistes) n. Ceres, town in central California (USA)
Portuguese - English - Ceres Pronunciation
npr. ceres
Dutch - English - Ceres Pronunciation
n. ceres
English - Dutch - Ceres Pronunciation
zn. godin van de landbouw (Romeinse mythologie); eerste ontdekte asteroïde (de grootste en meest heldere); stad in Centraal Californië (V.S.)
English - Greek - Ceres Pronunciation
ουσ. δήμητρα
English - Chinese - Ceres Pronunciation
English - Chinese - Ceres Pronunciation
[小行星] 穀神星.
English - Japanese - Ceres Pronunciation
[cere] (動) ろうびき布で包む(たいてい死体)
English - Korean - Ceres Pronunciation
명. 케레스
German - Chinese - Ceres Pronunciation

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