Definition of Charcot Pronunciation
1. French neurologist who tried to use hypnotism to cure hysteria (1825-1893).
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English - English - Charcot Pronunciation
n. family name (French)
n. Charcot, family name (French)
English - Spanish - Charcot Pronunciation
s. Charcot (apellido francés)
English - French - Charcot Pronunciation
n. Charcot, nom de famille (Français)
English - German - Charcot Pronunciation
n. Charcot, Nachname (Französisch)
English - Italian - Charcot Pronunciation
s. Charcot (cognome francese)
English - Portuguese - Charcot Pronunciation
s. Charco, sobrenome francês
French - English - Charcot Pronunciation
n. Charcot, family name (French)
German - English - Charcot Pronunciation
n. family name (French)
English - Dutch - Charcot Pronunciation
zn. Charcot (Franse achternaam)
English - Japanese - Charcot Pronunciation
(名) シャルコー, 姓(フランス語)

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