German - English - Darstellung Pronunciation
(die) n. exhibition, representation, portrayal, depiction, imagining, visualizing; impersonating, playing of a role; statement, utterance, expression; printed record of account information; act of presenting an artistic work to an audience
German - Spanish - Darstellung Pronunciation
n. exposición (f), presentación (f), descripción (f), relación (f), relato (m), interpretación (f), personificación (f), representación (f), preparación (f), versión (f)
German - French - Darstellung Pronunciation
n. interprétation (f), peinture (f), représentation (f), présentation (f), offre (f), proposition (f), exposé (m), tableau (m)
German - Italian - Darstellung Pronunciation
n. rappresentazione (f), interpretazione (f), esecuzione (f), immagine (f), schema (m)
German - Russian - Darstellung Pronunciation
n. изображение (f), изложение (f), исполнение (f), представление (f), производство (f), рисунок (f)
German - Turkish - Darstellung Pronunciation
i. gösterme (f), tasvir (f), tanımlama (f)
German - Dutch - Darstellung Pronunciation
uiteenzetting ,verbeelding ,voorstelling
German - Chinese - Darstellung Pronunciation

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