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English English - Definition of Delft 
n. city in the Netherlands
n. type of earthenware traditionally decorated with a blue and white glaze (made in the Netherlands)
n. delf, city in the Netherlands; delftware (type of earthenware made in the Netherlands, traditionally decorated with a blue and white glaze)
Spanish English To Spanish - Delft 
s. Delft, ciudad en Holanda
s. cerámica holandesa, arcilla (especie de cerámica)
French English To French - Delft 
n. Delft, ville de la Hollande
n. faïence de Delft, type de céramique (fabriquée en Hollande)
German English To German - Delft 
n. Delft, Stadt in den Niederlanden
n. Delfter Porzellan (Porzellanart)
Italian English To Italian - Delft 
s. Delft (città della porcellana in Olanda)
s. tipo di argilla
Portuguese English To Portuguese - Delft 
s. Delft, cidade holandesa conhecida por sua indústria de louça
s. tipo de louça holandesa
Russian English To Russian - Delft 
с. фаянс
Turkish English To Turkish - Delft 
i. Hollanda porseleni
English French To English - Delft 
n. Delft, city in the Netherlands
English German To English - Delft 
n. city in the Netherlands
English Italian To English - Delft 
n. Delft, city in the Netherlands
English Dutch To English - Delft 
npr. delft
Albanian English To Albanian - Delft 
n. fajancë e delfit
Dutch English To Dutch - Delft 
zn. Delft (stad van de porseleinindustrie in Nederland)
zn. Delfts aardewerk
Greek English To Greek - Delft 
ουσ. είδος πορσελάνης
ChineseS English To ChineseS - Delft 
[delft] (名) 代尔夫特陶器
ChineseT English To ChineseT - Delft 
[delft] (名) 代爾夫特陶器
Japanese English To Japanese - Delft 
(名) デルフト, オランダにある都市
(名) デルフト焼き, 白と青で表面を装飾した伝統的な土器(オランダで作られる)
Korean English To Korean - Delft 
명. 델프 오지 그릇
Turkish German To Turkish - Delft 
hollanda porseleni
noun: a style of glazed earthenware; usually white with blue decoration


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