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[e.g. (exempli gratia) ] n. harrow, agricultural tool with spikes or disks for breaking up and leveling plowed ground earth
v. harrow, break up and level plowed ground by means of a harrow
v. bend, curve, incline, flex, bow, buckle, cant, contort, decline, droop, incurve, inflect, ply, slant, spring, stoop, sway, tilt, warp
English - Spanish - EG Pronunciation
(Abrev.) por ejemplo
English - French - EG Pronunciation
par exemple, comme
English - German - EG Pronunciation
zum Beispiel, wie folgt, beispielsweise
English - Italian - EG Pronunciation
per esempio
English - Portuguese - EG Pronunciation
por exemplo, tal como
English - Russian - EG Pronunciation
Dutch - English - EG Pronunciation
n. harrow
English - Dutch - EG Pronunciation
b.v., bij voorbeeld, d.w.z., dat wil zeggen
German - French - EG Pronunciation
abbr. c.e., coopérative inscrite au registre
German - Italian - EG Pronunciation
abbr. ce
English - Chinese - EG Pronunciation
English - Chinese - EG Pronunciation
English - Japanese - EG Pronunciation
English - Korean - EG Pronunciation
예를 들면, ...와 같은
German - Chinese - EG Pronunciation
底楼;1. OG一楼,等等

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