Definition of Echinodermata Pronunciation
1. Radially symmetrical marine invertebrates including e.g. starfish and sea urchins and sea cucumbers.
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English - English - Echinodermata Pronunciation
n. phylum, classification (Zoology)
English - Spanish - Echinodermata Pronunciation
s. equinodermata, división del reino animal que incluye los erizos y estrellas de mar (Zoología)
English - French - Echinodermata Pronunciation
n. échinodermes, subdivision, classification (Zoologie)
English - German - Echinodermata Pronunciation
n. Stachelhäuter, Echinodermata (Zoologie)
English - Italian - Echinodermata Pronunciation
s. echinoderma (zoologia- invertebrati marini)
English - Portuguese - Echinodermata Pronunciation
s. equinodermas, filo, classificação (Zoologia)
English - Russian - Echinodermata Pronunciation
English - Dutch - Echinodermata Pronunciation
zn. gerimpelde huid (in zoölogie)
English - Chinese - Echinodermata Pronunciation
(名) 棘皮类
English - Chinese - Echinodermata Pronunciation
(名) 棘皮類
English - Japanese - Echinodermata Pronunciation
(名) 棘皮動物門(動物学)

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