Definition of Eijkman Pronunciation
1. Dutch physician who discovered that beriberi is caused by a nutritional deficiency (1858-1930).
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English - Spanish - Eijkman Pronunciation
s. Eijkman, apellido; Christian Eijkman (1858-1930), médico holandés, ganador del premio Nobel
English - French - Eijkman Pronunciation
n. Eijkman, nom de famille; Christian Eijkman (1858-1930), avant et physiologiste hollandais, lauréat du prix Nobel de physiologie et médecine (1929)
English - German - Eijkman Pronunciation
n. Eijkman, Nachname; Christian Eijkman (1858-1930), niederländischer Arzt und Nobelpreisträger
English - Italian - Eijkman Pronunciation
s. Eijkman (Christian, medico olandese premio Nobel)
English - Portuguese - Eijkman Pronunciation
s. Eijkman, sobrenome; Christian Eijkman (1858-1930), médico holandês ganhador do prêmio Nobel
German - English - Eijkman Pronunciation
n. family name; Christian Eijkman (1858-1930), Dutch physician, Nobel prize winner in 1929 in Physiology or Medicine
English - Dutch - Eijkman Pronunciation
zn. Eijkman (Christiaan, Hollandse dokter ontvanger van de Nobel prijs)
English - Japanese - Eijkman Pronunciation
(名) エイクマン, 姓; クリスチャン エイクマン(1858-1930), オランダの医師, 1929年にノーベル生理学医学賞を受賞した人物

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