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Definition of Erlenmeyer flask

1. A glass laboratory flask of a conical profile with a narrow tubular neck and a flat bottom, used to manipulate solutions, or to carry out titrations.
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English - English - Erlenmeyer flask

laboratory flask with a narrow neck and a wide base that is used to mix fluids (designed by Richard August Carl Emil Erlenmeyer)

English - Spanish - Erlenmeyer flask

frasco de erlenmeyer, matraz erlenmeyer, matraz de erlenmeyer, frasco erlenmeyer

English - French - Erlenmeyer flask

erlenmeyer, flacon de laboratoire, fiole tronconique à ouverture étroite utilisée en chimie (conçu par le chimiste Richard Auguste Carl Emile Erlenmeyer)

English - German - Erlenmeyer flask

Erlenmeyerkolben, Laborkolben (zur Mischung von Flüssigkeiten bei chemischen Versuche z.B.)

English - Portuguese - Erlenmeyer flask

frasco de Erlenmeyer, recipiente de laboratório utilizado para realizar misturas de líquidos (Richard August Carl Erlenmeyer- químico alemão)

English - Japanese - Erlenmeyer flask

三角フラスコ, 上部が細く底部が広がっている液体を混ぜるのに使うフラスコ(リチャード オーガスト カール エミ エルレンマイヤーによってデザインされた)
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