Definition of Father Frost Pronunciation
Proper Noun
1. In Slavic culture, a traditional Yuletide gift-bearing character.
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English - English - Father Frost Pronunciation
n. Santa Claus, fictional character associated with Christmas
English - French - Father Frost Pronunciation
n. le Père Noël, personnage fictif et légendaire associé à Noël (personnage qui délivre des cadeaux aux enfants la nuit de Noël)
English - German - Father Frost Pronunciation
n. Nikolaus, Weihnachtsmann, fiktive Figur mit Weihnachten assoziiert
English - Italian - Father Frost Pronunciation
s. Babbo Gelo, Santa Claus, personaggio immaginario tipico del Natale
English - Portuguese - Father Frost Pronunciation
s. papai-noel
English - Russian - Father Frost Pronunciation
с. Дед Мороз

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