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English English - Definition of Francophile 
n. one who loves French things, one who admires France
adj. very friendly toward France or French culture
adj. Francophile, very friendly toward France or French culture
Spanish English To Spanish - Francophile 
s. francófilo
adj. francófilo, afrancesado
French English To French - Francophile 
n. francophile, personne qui admire la France; personne qui aime la France ou ses produits
adj. francophile, amical envers la France ou sa culture
German English To German - Francophile 
n. Frankophil, Frankreich und französische Sachen liebende Person
adj. frankophil, Frankreich liebend
Italian English To Italian - Francophile 
agg. francofilo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - Francophile 
adj. francófilo, galófilo, amigo dos franceses e da França
Russian English To Russian - Francophile 
с. франкофил
прил. франкофильский
Turkish English To Turkish - Francophile 
i. Fransız hayranı kimse
s. Fransız hayranı
English French To English - Francophile 
adj. Francophile, very friendly toward France or French culture
Dutch English To Dutch - Francophile 
zn. frankofiel; iemand die van alles wat frans is houdt
bn. frankofiel, iemand die van de franse kultuur en het land houdt
ChineseS English To ChineseS - Francophile 
(名) 亲法分子
ChineseT English To ChineseT - Francophile 
(名) 親法分子
Japanese English To Japanese - Francophile 
(形) フランスびいきの
(名) 親仏派の人
Turkish French To Turkish - Francophile 
Fransız dostu
noun: an admirer of France and everything French


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