n. one who loves French things, one who admires France
adj. very friendly toward France or French culture
adj. Francophile, very friendly toward France or French culture
English - Spanish - Francophile Pronunciation
s. francófilo
adj. francófilo, afrancesado
English - French - Francophile Pronunciation
n. francophile, personne qui admire la France; personne qui aime la France ou ses produits
adj. francophile, amical envers la France ou sa culture
English - German - Francophile Pronunciation
n. Frankophil, Frankreich und französische Sachen liebende Person
adj. frankophil, Frankreich liebend
English - Italian - Francophile Pronunciation
agg. francofilo
English - Portuguese - Francophile Pronunciation
adj. francófilo, galófilo, amigo dos franceses e da França
English - Russian - Francophile Pronunciation
с. франкофил
прил. франкофильский
English - Turkish - Francophile Pronunciation
i. Fransız hayranı kimse
s. Fransız hayranı
French - English - Francophile Pronunciation
adj. Francophile, very friendly toward France or French culture
English - Dutch - Francophile Pronunciation
zn. frankofiel; iemand die van alles wat frans is houdt
bn. frankofiel, iemand die van de franse kultuur en het land houdt
French - Turkish - Francophile Pronunciation
Fransız dostu
English - Chinese - Francophile Pronunciation
(名) 亲法分子
English - Chinese - Francophile Pronunciation
(名) 親法分子
English - Japanese - Francophile Pronunciation
(形) フランスびいきの
(名) 親仏派の人
noun: an admirer of France and everything French

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