Definition of Ja
1. Yes
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Spanish - English - Ja Pronunciation
[ja] interj. ha, hah! (expression of surprise, joy, puzzlement, suspicion, triumph, etc.)
English - German - Ja
ja, Ja
German - English - Ja Pronunciation
n. yes, aye, yea, affirmative reply
Polish - English - Ja
n. self
pron. I, me
Dutch - English - Ja Pronunciation
interj. yes, yeah
German - Spanish - Ja Pronunciation
n. sí (m)
part. si
German - French - Ja Pronunciation
n. oui (m)
adv. tout: après tout, vraiment, même: et même, même, certes, abord: d'abord
part. oui, bien, si
German - Italian - Ja Pronunciation
adv. sì, ma, anzi, addirittura, proprio, già, mica
German - Russian - Ja Pronunciation
n. да (n), согласие (n)
German - Turkish - Ja Pronunciation
i. evet (n)
Dutch - French - Ja Pronunciation
1. (algemeen) oui
2. (interjectie) oui
German - Chinese - Ja Pronunciation

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