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Definition of Joe Dimaggio

1. United States professional baseball player noted for his batting ability (1914-1999).
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English - English - Joe Dimaggio

n. (1914-1999) U.S. baseball player (Hall of Fame member, member of the NY Yankees during the 1940's)
n. Joe DiMaggio (1914-1999), famous professional baseball player who played in the mid-1900s

English - Spanish - Joe Dimaggio

s. Joe Dimaggio (1914-1999), jugador de béisbol americano (jugó en el equipo de New York Jankiees en los años 40)

English - French - Joe Dimaggio

n. Joe Dimaggio (1914-1999), joueur de Base-ball

English - German - Joe Dimaggio

n. Joe Dimaggio (1914-1999), amerikanischer Baseballspieler (geehrt in der "Hall of Fame", Spieler der New York Yankees während der 40er Jahre)

English - Italian - Joe Dimaggio

s. Joe Dimaggio, leggendario giocatore di baseball (giocò nei "New York Yankees" negli anni quaranta, figura nell'albo d'oro dei giocatori di baseball)

English - Portuguese - Joe Dimaggio

s. Joe Dimaggio (1914-1999), lendário jogador de beisebol americano (jogou no "New York Yankee" nos anos quarenta e foi considerado um dos melhores jogadores de beisebol de todos os tempos)

English - Dutch - Joe Dimaggio

zn. Joe Dimaggio, honkbalspeler van Amerikaanse Organisatie (speelde bij "New York Yankees" in veertiger jaren en herdacht in herdenkingshal van honkbalspelers)

English - Japanese - Joe Dimaggio

(名) ジョー ディマギオ(1914-1999), 米国の野球選手(米国で名球会にあたるもののメンバー, 1940年代のヤンキースの選手)

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