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English German To English - Kies 
(der) n. gravel, small stones and pebbles; grit, small rough granules or particles; pyrite, common sulfide mineral; money, currency
English Dutch To English - Kies 
adv. delicately, tenderly
adj. delicate, considerate, nice, refined
n. molar, back tooth
French Dutch To French - Kies 
1. (anatomie - tandheelkunde) molaire (f)
2. (mineralogie) pyrite (f)
3. (anatomie) dent (f)
Dutch German To Dutch - Kies 
grind ,kiezel ,grint ,gruis
ChineseS German To ChineseS - Kies 
[der] pl.Kiese ①砂砾。碎石。砂砾层。砂岩。②黄铁矿。
French German To French - Kies 
n. gravier (m), pognon (m), fric (m)
Italian German To Italian - Kies 
n. ghiaia (f), grana (f), pirite (f)
Russian German To Russian - Kies 
n. гравий (m), колчедан (m), деньжата (m)
Spanish German To Spanish - Kies 
n. grava (f), cascajo (m), guijo (m), gravilla (f), tela (f), parné (m), pasta (f), calé (m), casquijo (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - Kies 
i. gravye (m), para (m)


 Synonyms for Kies
1. Geld:
2. Geröll: Kiesel, Kieselstein, Splitt, Stein

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