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English English - Definition of Label 
n. ticket; tag; sign; note, slip of paper; nickname; text which appears on a computerized note (Computers); destination of a GOTO command (Computers)
v. affix a label to, affix a tag or sticker to; call, name, give a nickname to; classify
n. stamp, seal; label, ticket, tag
Spanish English To Spanish - Label 
s. etiqueta, esquela, letrero, marbete, rótulo; (inform.) rótulo; nombre; volumen de almacenaje; en hojas cálculo: es cualquier texto ubicado en una celda
v. etiquetar, motejar, poner etiqueta a, poner etiquetas a, poner un letrero a, rotular; designar
French English To French - Label 
n. label; étiquette; surnom, mot; repère; label, texte situé sur une feuille de calcul (informatique); cible de la commande GOTO
v. étiqueter; coller des labels; affubler, surnommer; classifier
German English To German - Label 
n. Kennzeichen; (Comput) Etikette, ein Text der in einer Tabellenkalkulation aufführt; (Comput) das Ziel des Befehls GOTO
v. etikettieren, beschriften; mit Preisen bezeichnen; abstempeln; auszeichnen; einstufen
Italian English To Italian - Label 
s. etichetta (anche inform.); segno; nota; soprannome; (inform.) testo che appare su un foglio di calcolo; destinatario del comando GOTO
v. etichettare, munire di etichetta, mettere un'etichetta a; (fig) qualificare, classificare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - Label 
s. rótulo (também em informática); insígnia; nota; bilhete; apelido; (informática) rótulo, texto que aparece nas planilhas de cálculos; (informática) destino do comando GOTO
v. rotular; pôr etiqueta; marcar; classificar; designar
Russian English To Russian - Label 
с. ярлык, этикетка, бирка, маркировка; помета; меченый атом; слезник; высотомер, алидада [тех.], алидада-высотомер
г. прикреплять ярлык, помечать
Turkish English To Turkish - Label 
f. etiketlemek, etiket yapıştırmak, uyarı işareti koymak, sınıflandırmak
i. etiket, yafta
English French To English - Label 
(m) n. stamp, seal; label, ticket, tag
English Dutch To English - Label 
n. label, tab, tag, etiquette
Albanian English To Albanian - Label 
n. etiketë, emërtim
v. etiketoj, klasifikoj, quaj
Dutch English To Dutch - Label 
zn. label (ook in computers), adreskaartje; kenteken; insigne; teken; bijnaam (in computers) label, tekst op een elektronische rekenblad; (in computers) de bestemming van het bevel GOTO
ww. etiketteren, labelen; bestempelen als
Greek English To Greek - Label 
ουσ. επιγραφή, επίγραμμα, τικέτα, μάρκα
ρήμ. επιγράφω, σημειώ, σημειώνω
French Dutch To French - Label 
(algemeen) étiquette (f)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - Label 
(名) 票; 标签; 商标; 签条, 一小条纸; 小名; 电脑化的签条上出现的文字 (计算机用语); GOTO 命令的终点 (计算机用语)
(动) 贴标签于; 分类; 指...为
ChineseT English To ChineseT - Label 
(名) 標簽; 商標; 簽條
(動) 貼標簽於; 分類; 指...為
Japanese English To Japanese - Label 
(動) 札を付ける; 名づける; 分類する
(名) はり札, レッテル, ラベル; 通り名; 分類表示; (コンピュータ)ラベル, GOTOコマンド先
Korean English To Korean - Label 
명. 딱지, 우표, 부호, 상표, 표찰
동. 꼬리표를 붙이다; 이름을 붙이다; 분류하다
German French To German - Label 
n. handelsmarke, schutzmarke, preisschild, prädikat
Russian French To Russian - Label 
n. клеймо (m), этикетка (m), товарный знак (m)
Turkish French To Turkish - Label 
[le] etiket; marka
ChineseS German To ChineseS - Label 
[das] 标签。
French German To French - Label 
n. étiquette de prix (f), étiquette (f)
noun: trade name of a company that produces musical recordings Example:The artists and repertoire department of a recording label is responsible for finding new talent.
noun: a brief description given for purposes of identification Example:The label Modern is applied to many different kinds of architecture.
noun: an identifying or descriptive marker that is attached to an object
noun: a radioactive isotope that is used in a compound in order to trace the mechanism of a chemical reaction


 Synonyms for Label
1. identify: designate, mark, brand, name, classify, specify, categorise, categorize
2. tag: sticker, marker, stamp, price tag, identification, classification
Tenses for Label
Present participle: label(l)ing
Present: label (3.person: labels)
Past: label(l)ed
Future: will label
Present conditional: would label
Present Perfect: have label(l)ed (3.person: has label(l)ed)
Past Perfect: had label(l)ed
Future Perfect: will have label(l)ed
Past conditional: would have label(l)ed

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