Definition of Lome Pronunciation
1. Capital and largest city of Togo; located in the south on the Gulf of Guinea.
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English - English - Lome Pronunciation
n. capital city of Togo
n. Lome, capital city of Togo
adj. slow, languid, slack, torpid, inert, lazy, lethargic, dull
English - French - Lome Pronunciation
n. Lomé, ville capitale du Togo (Etat d'Afrique occidentale)
English - German - Lome Pronunciation
n. Lome, Hauptstadt von Togo
English - Italian - Lome Pronunciation
s. città capitale del Togo
English - Portuguese - Lome Pronunciation
s. Lome, capital de Togo
English - Russian - Lome Pronunciation
Polish - English - Lome
n. Lome
English - Dutch - Lome Pronunciation
zn. Lomé, hoofdstad van Togo
English - Chinese - Lome Pronunciation
洛美。多哥 Togo 首都。
English - Japanese - Lome Pronunciation
(名) ロメ, トーゴの首都
German - Chinese - Lome Pronunciation
洛美。多哥 Togo 首都。

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