Definition of Mahomet Pronunciation
1. The Arab prophet who, according to Islam, was the last messenger of Allah (570-632).
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English - English - Mahomet Pronunciation
n. Mohammed (570-632 CE), divine prophet of Islam, considered by Non-Muslims as the founder of Islam; male first name (Arabic)
n. Mahomet, Mohammed, (also Muhammad) (570-632AD), founder of the Islamic religion, divine prophet of Islam
n. Mahomet
English - Spanish - Mahomet Pronunciation
s. el profeta Mahoma (en el Islam)
English - French - Mahomet Pronunciation
n. Mahomet (570-632 avant J.C.), fondateur de l'Islam, prophète divin de l'Islam (aussi Mohammed)
English - German - Mahomet Pronunciation
n. Mahomet (570-632 v. Chr.), Prophet Mahomet, Gründer der islamischen religion (auch Muhammad genannt)
English - Indonesian - Mahomet Pronunciation
n. mahomet
English - Italian - Mahomet Pronunciation
s. (Stor) Maometto
English - Portuguese - Mahomet Pronunciation
s. Maomé (570 - 632 d.C.), profeta da religião Islâmica, o fundador desta religião; nome próprio masculino (Árabe); sobrenome (Árabe)
English - Romanian - Mahomet Pronunciation
npr. Mahomed
English - Russian - Mahomet Pronunciation
с. Магомет
English - Turkish - Mahomet Pronunciation
i. Muhammed, Hazreti Muhammed
English - Ukrainian - Mahomet Pronunciation
npr. мухаммед
French - English - Mahomet Pronunciation
(m) n. Mahomet, Mohammed, (also Muhammad) (570-632AD), founder of the Islamic religion, divine prophet of Islam
German - English - Mahomet Pronunciation
npr. mahomet
Indonesian - English - Mahomet
n. mahomet
Dutch - English - Mahomet Pronunciation
n. Mahomet
English - Dutch - Mahomet Pronunciation
zn. de profeet Mohamed (Islam)
English - Greek - Mahomet Pronunciation
ουσ. μωάμεθ
English - Chinese - Mahomet Pronunciation
(名) 穆罕默德
English - Chinese - Mahomet Pronunciation
(名) 穆罕默德
English - Hindi - Mahomet Pronunciation
n. मुहम्मद
English - Japanese - Mahomet Pronunciation
(名) マホメット, ムハンマド(570-632), イスラム教の神聖な予言者, 非イスラム教徒からはイスラム教の開祖といわれている人物; 男子名(古語)
English - Korean - Mahomet Pronunciation
명. 마호메트

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