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English English - Definition of Morpheus 
n. god of sleep (Greek Mythology)
n. Morpheus, god of sleep (Greek Mythology)
n. Morpheus, god of sleep (Greek Mythology)
Spanish English To Spanish - Morpheus 
s. Morfeo (dios del sueño de la mitología griega)
French English To French - Morpheus 
n. Morphéus, dieu du sommeil (Mythologie grecque)
German English To German - Morpheus 
n. Morpheus, Gott der Träume (Griechische Mythologie)
Italian English To Italian - Morpheus 
s. (Mitol) Morfeo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - Morpheus 
s. Morfeu, deus do sono (Mitologia Grega)
Russian English To Russian - Morpheus 
с. Морфей
Turkish English To Turkish - Morpheus 
i. rüya tanrısı [mit.], Morfeus [mit.]
English German To English - Morpheus 
n. god of sleep (Greek Mythology)
English Dutch To English - Morpheus 
n. Morpheus, god of sleep (Greek Mythology)
Albanian English To Albanian - Morpheus 
n. morfej [mit.]
Dutch English To Dutch - Morpheus 
zn. Morpheus (god v.d. slaap)
Greek English To Greek - Morpheus 
ουσ. έπνος, μορφέας, μορφεύς
ChineseS English To ChineseS - Morpheus 
(名) 睡神; 睡眠
ChineseT English To ChineseT - Morpheus 
(名) 睡神; 睡眠
Japanese English To Japanese - Morpheus 
(名) モルペウス, 眠りの神(ギリシア神話)
Korean English To Korean - Morpheus 
명. 모르페우스
Russian German To Russian - Morpheus 
npr. морфей (m)
noun: the Roman god of sleep and dreams


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