Definition of Offbeat Pronunciation
1. The beats not normally accented in a measure.
The congregation clapped along on the offbeat.
2. An unconventional person, someone who does not follow the beat, who chooses not to conform.
3. Unusual, unconventional, not ordinary.
He has such an offbeat sense of humor that hardly anyone finds his jokes amusing.
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English - English - Offbeat Pronunciation
adj. not coinciding with the regular beat (Music); unusual (Slang); unconventional (Slang)
English - Spanish - Offbeat Pronunciation
adj. excéntrico, raro
English - French - Offbeat Pronunciation
adj. original, qui sort de l'ordinaire (familier); inaccepté (familier)
English - German - Offbeat Pronunciation
adj. unkonventionell, ausgefallen
English - Italian - Offbeat Pronunciation
agg. (Mus) accentato sulla seconda e quarta battuta; (fig) anticonformistico, diverso, fuori dai soliti schemi
English - Portuguese - Offbeat Pronunciation
adj. anormal (gíria); não aceito (gíria)
English - Russian - Offbeat Pronunciation
прил. замечательный, поразительный
English - Turkish - Offbeat Pronunciation
s. tuhaf, olağandışı, sıradışı, vurgusuz
i. vurgusuz nota
English - Greek - Offbeat Pronunciation
(Lex). ασυνήθιστος
English - Chinese - Offbeat Pronunciation
(形) 不平常的, 弱拍的, 离奇的
English - Chinese - Offbeat Pronunciation
(形) 不平常的, 弱拍的, 離奇的
English - Japanese - Offbeat Pronunciation
(形) 型破りな
English - Korean - Offbeat Pronunciation
형. 보통과 다른(속어); 관습적이지 않은(속어); 정규적인 박자와 함께하지 않는
German - Chinese - Offbeat Pronunciation
[der] 弱拍。

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