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English English - Definition of Offbeat 
adj. not coinciding with the regular beat (Music); unusual (Slang); unconventional (Slang)
Spanish English To Spanish - Offbeat 
adj. excéntrico, raro
French English To French - Offbeat 
adj. original, qui sort de l'ordinaire (familier); inaccepté (familier)
German English To German - Offbeat 
adj. unkonventionell, ausgefallen
Italian English To Italian - Offbeat 
agg. (Mus) accentato sulla seconda e quarta battuta; (fig) anticonformistico, diverso, fuori dai soliti schemi
Portuguese English To Portuguese - Offbeat 
adj. anormal (gíria); não aceito (gíria)
Russian English To Russian - Offbeat 
прил. замечательный, поразительный
Turkish English To Turkish - Offbeat 
s. tuhaf, olağandışı, sıradışı, vurgusuz
i. vurgusuz nota
Greek English To Greek - Offbeat 
(Lex). ασυνήθιστος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - Offbeat 
(形) 不平常的, 弱拍的, 离奇的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - Offbeat 
(形) 不平常的, 弱拍的, 離奇的
Japanese English To Japanese - Offbeat 
(形) 型破りな
Korean English To Korean - Offbeat 
형. 보통과 다른(속어); 관습적이지 않은(속어); 정규적인 박자와 함께하지 않는
ChineseS German To ChineseS - Offbeat 
[der] 弱拍。
adjective: informal terms; strikingly unconventional


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