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English English - Definition of Olea 
n. genus which includes olive trees and shrubs
v. flutter, wave; cheer
Spanish English To Spanish - Olea 
s. Olivos (árbol de la familia de las oleáceas que crece en los paises cálidos y produce la aceituna)
French English To French - Olea 
n. olivier
German English To German - Olea 
[oleum] n. Öl
n. Olea, Gattung von Olivenbäume -und Gewächse
Italian English To Italian - Olea 
s. alberi di olivo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - Olea 
s. Olea, árvores de oliva
Russian English To Russian - Olea 
[oleum] с. олеум [хим.]
English Spanish To English - Olea 
[olear] v. flutter, wave; cheer
Greek English To Greek - Olea 
[oleum] ουσ. έλαιο
ChineseS English To ChineseS - Olea 
[oleum] (名) 发烟硫酸
ChineseT English To ChineseT - Olea 
[oleum] (名) 發煙硫酸
Japanese English To Japanese - Olea 
(名) オレアオリーブ
(名) 油; 発煙硫酸(化学)
Korean English To Korean - Olea 
[oleum] 명. 기름, 발연 황산


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