n. Olympic games
English - Spanish - Olympics Pronunciation
s. olimpíada
English - French - Olympics Pronunciation
n. Jeux olympiques
English - German - Olympics Pronunciation
n. Olympische Spiele
English - Italian - Olympics Pronunciation
s. giochi olimpici
English - Portuguese - Olympics Pronunciation
s. Jogos Olímpicos
English - Russian - Olympics Pronunciation
крупные соревнования; олимпиада; олимпийские игры; спартакиада
English - Turkish - Olympics Pronunciation
i. olimpiyat oyunları
English - Dutch - Olympics Pronunciation
zn. olympisch : olympische spelen
English - Greek - Olympics Pronunciation
Ουσ. Ολυμπιακοί αγώνες
English - Chinese - Olympics Pronunciation
(名) 奥林匹克运动会
English - Chinese - Olympics Pronunciation
(名) 奧林匹克運動會
English - Japanese - Olympics Pronunciation
(名) オリンピック大会
English - Korean - Olympics Pronunciation
명. 올림픽게임
noun: the modern revival of the ancient games held once every 4 years in a selected country

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