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English English - Definition of Pablum 
n. mush for babies, cereal for babies; trademark used for a soft cereal for babies
n. nonsense, gibberish; simple or trite intellectual concepts
Spanish English To Spanish - Pablum 
s. Papilla para bebes
s. Garrabato, garabateo
French English To French - Pablum 
n. bouillie aux bébés, céréales pour nourrissons
n. griffonnages, gribouillages
German English To German - Pablum 
n. Babybrei; Markenname für Babynahrung
n. Gekritzel
Italian English To Italian - Pablum 
s. nome commerciale di prodotti alimentari per neonati
s. chiacchiere,stupidaggini
Portuguese English To Portuguese - Pablum 
s. mingau para bebês
s. tolices
Russian English To Russian - Pablum 
банальщина; манная кашка; материал; паблем; пища; сентиментальщина; смесь для детского питания
ChineseS English To ChineseS - Pablum 
(名) 婴儿麦片食品; 平淡而无味的文章
ChineseT English To ChineseT - Pablum 
(名) 嬰兒麥片食品; 平淡而無味的文章
Japanese English To Japanese - Pablum 
(名) パブラム, 離乳食; 愚劣な書物
(名) 食物; パン粥


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