Definition of Paralympics Pronunciation
Proper Noun
1. The Paralympic Games, a counterpart of the Olympic Games, nowadays at the same venue, designed for handicapped athletes
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English - English - Paralympics Pronunciation
n. Olympics for the disabled, sports competition for disabled athletes
English - Spanish - Paralympics Pronunciation
s. Olimpiadas de lisiados
English - French - Paralympics Pronunciation
n. jeux paralympiques, Jeux Olympiques conçus pour des athètes handicapés comprenant des épreuves handisports
English - German - Paralympics Pronunciation
n. Paralympics, Behinderten-Olympiade, sprtliche Wettkämpfer für behinderte Athleten
English - Italian - Paralympics Pronunciation
s. olimpiadi per gli invalidi
English - Portuguese - Paralympics Pronunciation
s. olimpíada de paralíticos
English - Chinese - Paralympics Pronunciation
(名) 伤残奥运
English - Chinese - Paralympics Pronunciation
(名) 傷殘奧運
English - Japanese - Paralympics Pronunciation
(名) パラリンピック, 身体障害者のためのオリンピック
English - Korean - Paralympics Pronunciation
명. 장애인 올림픽
German - Chinese - Paralympics Pronunciation
伤残奥运。残疾人奥运会。 Behinderten-Olympiade

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