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English French To English - Paria 
(m) n. pariah, social outcast; untouchable
English German To English - Paria 
n. pariah, outcast, one who is despised and rejected
English Italian To English - Paria 
n. pariah, outcaste, untouchable
English Spanish To English - Paria 
n. outcast, pariah
English Dutch To English - Paria 
n. pariah, outcast
Dutch French To Dutch - Paria 
1. (société - homme) onaanraakbare (m); paria (m)
2. (société - femme) onaanraakbare (f); paria (f)
3. (conduite - homme) paria (m); uitgestotene (m) 4. (conduite - femme) paria (f); uitgestotene (f)
German French To German - Paria 
n. ausgestoßene, paria
Italian French To Italian - Paria 
1. (société - homme) intoccabile (m); paria (m)
2. (société - femme) intoccabile (f); paria (f)
3. (conduite - homme) paria {invariable}; reietto (m) 4. (conduite - femme) paria (m); reietta (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - Paria 
1. (société - homme) intocável (m)
2. (société - femme) intocável (f)
3. (conduite - homme) pária (m); marginal (m) 4. (conduite - femme) pária (m); marginal (f)
Russian French To Russian - Paria 
n. пария (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - Paria 
1. (société - homme) intocable (m)
2. (société - femme) intocable (f)
3. (conduite - homme) paria (m); proscrito (m) 4. (conduite - femme) paria (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - Paria 
[le] parya
French German To French - Paria 
n. paria (m)
Italian German To Italian - Paria 
n. paria (m)
Russian German To Russian - Paria 
n. пария (m)
Spanish German To Spanish - Paria 
n. paria (f), desheredado (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - Paria 
i. parya (m)
German Italian To German - Paria 
n. paria
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - Paria 
n. 賤民 (jıan4 mın2)
German Spanish To German - Paria 
n. paria, ausgestoßene
Korean Spanish To Korean - Paria 
n. 내쫓긴
Russian Spanish To Russian - Paria 
n. пария


 Synonyms for Paria
exclu: ilote, intouchable

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