Definition of Pecksniffian Pronunciation
1. Of or pertaining to Pecksniffery; unctuously hypocritical; sanctimonious.
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English - English - Pecksniffian Pronunciation
adj. sanctimoniously hypocritical, two-faced; that affects high moral principles
English - Spanish - Pecksniffian Pronunciation
santurrón, mojigato, beato
English - German - Pecksniffian Pronunciation
adj. zweigesichtig, heuchlerisch, scheinheilig; Moralprinzipien betreffend
English - Portuguese - Pecksniffian Pronunciation
adj. hipócrita
English - Romanian - Pecksniffian Pronunciation
a. ipocrit, prefăcut {lit.}, nesincer
English - Russian - Pecksniffian Pronunciation

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