Definition of Pion Pronunciation
1. A meson involved in holding the nucleus together; produced as the result of high-energy particle collision.
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English - Spanish - Pion Pronunciation
s. Pión (en física- tipo de partícula)
English - French - Pion Pronunciation
pion, méson
English - Italian - Pion Pronunciation
s. pion (in fisica- tipo di particella)
English - Portuguese - Pion Pronunciation
s. tipo de partícula (Física)
English - Turkish - Pion Pronunciation
French - English - Pion Pronunciation
(m) n. #student paid to supervise schoolchildren, surveillant, supervisor
Indonesian - English - Pion
n. pawn
Polish - English - Pion
n. plumb-line, plumb, bob, perpendicular, vertical, section, department, riser, plummet
Romanian - English - Pion
n. pawn
Turkish - English - Pion
Dutch - English - Pion Pronunciation
n. pawn
French - Spanish - Pion Pronunciation
(jeu de dames) ficha (f)
French - German - Pion Pronunciation
n. schachfigur, figur, damestein, stein, bauer, aufpasser
French - Italian - Pion Pronunciation
(jeu de dames) pedina (f)
French - Portuguese - Pion Pronunciation
(jeu de dames) pedra (f)
French - Russian - Pion Pronunciation
n. пешка (шахм.) (m), шашка (m), классный наставник (m)
French - Turkish - Pion Pronunciation
[le] (satranç) paytak, piyon; (dama) taş; (okulda) gözcü
German - Turkish - Pion Pronunciation
(satranç) paytak, piyon, (dama) taş, (okulda) gözcü
French - Dutch - Pion Pronunciation
(jeu de dames) damschijf (m/f); damsteen (m)
German - Dutch - Pion Pronunciation
English - Chinese - Pion Pronunciation
(名) π介子
English - Chinese - Pion Pronunciation
(名) π介子
English - Japanese - Pion Pronunciation
(名) パイ中間子

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