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English French To English - Piqué 
[pique (f) n. pike, spade
English German To English - Piqué 
[pique] v. insult, offend; anger, irritate; arouse, excite, stimulate (curiosity, interest, etc.)
English Italian To English - Piqué 
n. piqué, tightly woven fabric
English Spanish To English - Piqué 
[pique] n. pique, resentment; spades; rebound, ball which bounces back away from the basket (Basketball); fix, dose of a narcotic drug or something which is strongly desired (Slang); (Southern Cone and Central America) mineshaft; drill; trail
Dutch French To Dutch - Piqué 
1. (technique) gepit
2. (sentiments) gepikeerd; op zijn teentjes getrapt; geraakt; beledigd
3. (toqué) getikt; niet goed snik
German French To German - Piqué 
adj. gebissen, abgesteppt
Italian French To Italian - Piqué 
1. (technique) corroso
2. (sentiments) punto nel vivo; offeso; irritato; insultato; oltraggiato
3. (toqué) tocco; picchiato; non proprio giusto {informal}
Portuguese French To Portuguese - Piqué 
1. (technique) picado; corroído
2. (sentiments) ofendido; insultado; mordido {informal}; Lat. Amer.
3. (toqué) amalucado; tonto
Russian French To Russian - Piqué 
n. пике (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - Piqué 
1. (technique) picado
2. (sentiments) ofendido; insultado; picado Lat. Amer.
3. (toqué) chiflado; disparatado
Turkish French To Turkish - Piqué 
(böcek tarafından) kemirilmiş; ekşimeye başlamış
Turkish German To Turkish - Piqué 
güceniklik, kirginlik, gücendirmek, incitmek, gururunu kirmak
German Italian To German - Piqué 
n. pikee
German Spanish To German - Piqué 
n. pikee


 Synonyms for Piqué
1. piqueté: rongé, mangé aux vers, entamé
2. cousu:
3. acide: aigre, tourné, gâté
4. détaché:
5. un peu fou: toqué, timbré, cinglé
6. tissu:
7. danse:
8. plongée:

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