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English English - Definition of Sabbath Eve 
evening before the Sabbath, evening before Saturday (day of rest observed by religious Jews)
Spanish English To Spanish - Sabbath Eve 
noche de Shabat (la noche antes del Shabat, Shabat: sábado día festivo judío)
French English To French - Sabbath Eve 
la veille du Sabbath, le soir du Sabbath
German English To German - Sabbath Eve 
Sabbathabend (Freitagabend)
Italian English To Italian - Sabbath Eve 
Vigilia del Sabato ebraico, sera che precede il Sabato
Portuguese English To Portuguese - Sabbath Eve 
Noite de Shabat (a noite antes do sábado)
Russian English To Russian - Sabbath Eve 
канун шабата
Dutch English To Dutch - Sabbath Eve 
Sabbat Avond, vrijdagavond (avond voor sabbat)
Japanese English To Japanese - Sabbath Eve 


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