German - English - Schlacke Pronunciation
(die) n. scoria, variety of light lava stone similar to pumice; clinker, waster material that remains after smelting metal; slag, refuse from metal in process of smelting
German - Spanish - Schlacke Pronunciation
n. escoria (f), impureza (f), chatarra (f), grasas (pl)
German - French - Schlacke Pronunciation
n. fibre (f), mâchefer (m), scories (pl)
German - Italian - Schlacke Pronunciation
n. scoria (f), scoria: scorie (pl)
German - Russian - Schlacke Pronunciation
n. шлак (f), пористая лава (f)
German - Turkish - Schlacke Pronunciation
i. cüruf (f), dışık (f)
German - Dutch - Schlacke Pronunciation
slakken (uit vuurhaard)
German - Chinese - Schlacke Pronunciation
[die] 残渣。

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Synonyms for Schlacke
1. Rückstand
2. Unnützes: Unreines