Definition of Seoul Pronunciation
Proper Noun
1. The capital city of South Korea.
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English - English - Seoul Pronunciation
n. capital of South Korea
n. Seoul, capital of South Korea
English - Spanish - Seoul Pronunciation
s. Seoul (la capital del sur de Corea)
English - French - Seoul Pronunciation
n. Seoul, capitale de Corée du Sud
English - German - Seoul Pronunciation
n. Seoul, Hauptstadt von Südkorea
English - Italian - Seoul Pronunciation
s. Seoul (città capitale del Sud Korea)
English - Portuguese - Seoul Pronunciation
s. Seul, capital da Coréia do Sul
English - Romanian - Seoul Pronunciation
npr. Seul
English - Russian - Seoul Pronunciation
French - English - Seoul Pronunciation
n. Seoul, capital of South Korea
German - English - Seoul Pronunciation
npr. seoul
English - Dutch - Seoul Pronunciation
zn. Seoel (hoofdstad v. Zuid-Korea)
English - Chinese - Seoul Pronunciation
(名) 汉城
English - Chinese - Seoul Pronunciation
(名) 漢城
English - Japanese - Seoul Pronunciation
(名) ソウル, 韓国の首都
German - Chinese - Seoul Pronunciation

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