German - English - Telefonnummer Pronunciation
(die) n. phone number, telephone number, series of digits used to call to a certain person or location on the telephone
German - Spanish - Telefonnummer Pronunciation
n. número de teléfono (m)
German - French - Telefonnummer Pronunciation
n. numéro de téléphone (m)
German - Italian - Telefonnummer Pronunciation
n. numero di telefono (m)
German - Russian - Telefonnummer Pronunciation
n. номер телефона (f)
German - Turkish - Telefonnummer Pronunciation
i. telefon numarası (f)
German - Dutch - Telefonnummer Pronunciation
German - Chinese - Telefonnummer Pronunciation
[die] pl.Telefonnummern 电话号码。

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Rufnummer: Telefonnummer, Fernsprechnummer