Definition of Triplet Pronunciation
1. A group of three.
2. One of a group of three.
3. One of a group of three siblings born at the same time to the same mother.
4. A group of three notes played or written where two notes would ordinarily be; a form of tuplet.
5. A triquark.
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English - English - Triplet Pronunciation
n. one of three offspring born at one birth; any group of three; unit of three lines of verse; tercet, three notes played in the time normally allotted to two notes; imitation gem consisting of three parts
English - Spanish - Triplet Pronunciation
s. terceto, trillizo
English - French - Triplet Pronunciation
n. triplet (trois)
English - German - Triplet Pronunciation
n. Drilling
English - Italian - Triplet Pronunciation
s. bambino trigemino; gruppo di tre, triade, terzetto; (Mus, Metr) terzina
English - Portuguese - Triplet Pronunciation
s. terceto
English - Russian - Triplet Pronunciation
с. тройка, близнец из тройни, тройня, триплет [биол.]
English - Turkish - Triplet Pronunciation
i. üçlü, üçüzlerden biri, triolet [müz.]
English - Dutch - Triplet Pronunciation
zn. drietal, trio; drieling; drieregelig versje; triool
English - Greek - Triplet Pronunciation
ουσ. τρίδυμο, τρίδυμα, τρίστιχο, τρίσημο
French - Spanish - Triplet Pronunciation
(général) trillizo (m)
French - Italian - Triplet Pronunciation
(général) gemello trigemino
French - Portuguese - Triplet Pronunciation
(général) trigêmeo (m)
French - Dutch - Triplet Pronunciation
(général) drieling (m)
English - Chinese - Triplet Pronunciation
(名) 三个一组, 三份, 三个一幅
English - Chinese - Triplet Pronunciation
(名) 三個一組, 三份, 三個一幅
English - Japanese - Triplet Pronunciation
(名) 三つ子の1人; 三つ子; 3つ組; 三行連句; 3連符, 通常2音符で割り当てられたところを演奏する3音符; 3層からなる偽者の宝石
English - Korean - Triplet Pronunciation
명. 세 쌍둥이; 셋으로 된 그룹; 3행구; 3연음부; 3부분으로 된 가짜 보석
German - Chinese - Triplet Pronunciation
[das] 三合。三合透镜。

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