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English English - Definition of Turks 
[Turk] n. native or inhabitant of Turkey; person belonging to a Turkish-speaking people; Turkish horse
n. Turk, native or inhabitant of Turkey
adj. Turkish, of Turkey (republic located in western Asia and southeastern Europe)
Spanish English To Spanish - Turks 
[Turk] s. turco
French English To French - Turks 
[Turk] n. Turc, personne originaire de la Turquie; citoyen de la Turquie; personne qui parle la langue turque; cheval de race turque
German English To German - Turks 
[Turk] n. Türke, Bürger der Türkei; Person türkischer Abstammung; türkisches Pferd
Italian English To Italian - Turks 
[Turk] s. turco, originario della Turchia; abitante della Turchia
Portuguese English To Portuguese - Turks 
[Turk] s. turco; muçulmano
Russian English To Russian - Turks 
[Turk] с. турок, неуправляемый человек
Turkish English To Turkish - Turks 
i. türkler
English Dutch To English - Turks 
adj. Turkish, of Turkey (republic located in western Asia and southeastern Europe)
n. Turk, native or inhabitant of Turkey
Dutch English To Dutch - Turks 
[Turk] zn. Turk
Greek English To Greek - Turks 
[Turk] ουσ. τούρκος
French Dutch To French - Turks 
1. (algemeen) turc
2. (taal) turc (m)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - Turks 
[Turk] (名) 土耳其人, 土耳其马
ChineseT English To ChineseT - Turks 
[Turk] (名) 土耳其人, 土耳其馬
Japanese English To Japanese - Turks 
[Turk] (名) トルコ人; トルコ語を話す人; トルコ馬
Korean English To Korean - Turks 
[Turk] 명. 터키사람; 터키의 술탄; 터키어를 하는 사람; 터키 말; 잔인한 사람(구어)
name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #48931)


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