Definition of Ultrasuede Pronunciation
1. A kind of washable synthetic suede.
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English - English - Ultrasuede Pronunciation
n. manufacturer's name for a type of fabric (resembling suede)
English - Spanish - Ultrasuede Pronunciation
s. Nombre comercial de la gamuza
English - French - Ultrasuede Pronunciation
n. ultrasuede, nom commercial d'une espèce d'étoffe
English - German - Ultrasuede Pronunciation
n. Ultrasuede, Handelsname eines Webstoffes
English - Italian - Ultrasuede Pronunciation
s. nome commerciale per un tipo di tessuto
English - Portuguese - Ultrasuede Pronunciation
s. Ultrasuede, nome comercial de certo tipo de tecido
English - Dutch - Ultrasuede Pronunciation
zn. handelsnaam van soort stof
English - Japanese - Ultrasuede Pronunciation
(名) ウルトラスエード, 織物の種類の製造名(スエードのような)

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