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English German To English - Verlust 
(der) n. loss, defeat; casualty, injured person, someone who has been killed (as a result of war, natural disaster, accident, etc.)
Dutch German To Dutch - Verlust 
ChineseS German To ChineseS - Verlust 
French German To French - Verlust 
n. dilution (f), perte (f), privation (f), déperdition (f)
Italian German To Italian - Verlust 
n. perdita (f), morte (f), fuga (f), passività (f), decadenza (f), smarrimento (m), danno (m), spreco (m), deficit (m), passivo (m), scapito (m)
Russian German To Russian - Verlust 
n. потеря (m), утрата (m), лишение (m), пропажа (m), убыток (m), убыль (m), ущерб (m), урон (m), проигрыш (m)
Spanish German To Spanish - Verlust 
n. pérdida (f), merma (f), déficit (m), daño (m), desamparo (m), descalabro (m), detrimento (m), menoscabo (m), varapalo (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - Verlust 
i. kayıp (m), zarar (m), hasar (m)


 Synonyms for Verlust
1. Schaden: Defizit, Nachteil, Verlustgeschäft, Abnahme, Aderlass°, Ausbleiben, Ausfall, Einbuße, Fehlbetrag, Minus, Schwund, Ebbe, Rückgang
2. Todesfall: Ausfall, Einbuße, Lücke, Wegfall, Abgang

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