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English German To English - Vorgang 
(der) n. process, procedure, course of events, sequence of events, series of occurrences; occurrence, happening, event
Dutch German To Dutch - Vorgang 
voorval, gebeurtenis
ChineseS German To ChineseS - Vorgang 
French German To French - Vorgang 
n. événement (m), fait (m), processus (m), dossier (m)
Italian German To Italian - Vorgang 
n. pratica (f), corso (m), svolgimento (m), andamento (m), processo (m), procedimento (m), fenomeno (m), incidente (m), anticipo (m), fatto: fatti (pl)
Russian German To Russian - Vorgang 
n. происшествие (m), событие (m), процесс (m), течение (m), ход (m), дело (m), операция (m)
Spanish German To Spanish - Vorgang 
n. marcha (f), suceso (m), acontecimiento (m), proceso (m), procedimiento (m), operación (f), fenómeno (m), asunto (m), curso (m), expediente (m), hechos (pl)
Turkish German To Turkish - Vorgang 
i. olay (m), süreç (m)


 Synonyms for Vorgang
Geschehen: Geschichte, Ablauf, Angelegenheit, Ereignis, Fall, Gang, Handlung, Hergang, Prozeß, Sache, Verlauf

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