Definition of WAC Pronunciation
1. Women's Army Corps (Formerly a US military organization for women)
2. A member of the Women's Army Corps.
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English - English - WAC Pronunciation
[WAC (Women's Army Corps) ] n. army unit comprised of female soldiers
n. soldier in the Woman's Army Corps
English - Spanish - WAC Pronunciation
[WAC (Women's Army Corps) ] s. Milicia de mujeres, armada femenina
s. Abreviatura de soldada en la fuerza femenina del ejercito americano
English - French - WAC Pronunciation
[WAC (Women's Army Corps) ] n. unité d'armée féminine, unité militaire composée uniquement de femmes
n. WAC, soldate de la troupe de femmes américaine
English - German - WAC Pronunciation
Women's Army Corps) ] n. Frauenkorps
n. Wac, Soldatin im Frauenkorps, Armeehelferin
English - Italian - WAC Pronunciation
[WAC (Women's Army Corps) ] s. corpo militare femminile
s. (Mil) membro del corpo delle ausiliarie dell'esercito
English - Portuguese - WAC Pronunciation
[WAC (Women's Army Corps) ] s. brigada de mulheres, corpo armado de mulheres (no exército)
s. (mulher) soldado no corpo de mulheres no exército americano
English - Russian - WAC Pronunciation
= Women's Army Corps n. женская вспомогательная служба сухопутных войск США
English - Dutch - WAC Pronunciation
[WAC (Women's Army Corps) ] zn. WAC (Amerikaans vrouwelijk legeronderdeel)
zn. Vrouwen Leger Korps (in V.S.)

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