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Spanish English To Spanish - Weiss 
s. Weiss, apellido; Peter Weiss (1916-1982), dramaturgo y novelista sueco-alemán; Erich Weiss "Harry Houdini" (1874-1926), famoso mago y escritor americano
Portuguese English To Portuguese - Weiss 
s. Weiss, sobrenome; Peter Weiss (1916-1982), escritor e dramaturgo alemão-sueco; Erich Weiss "Harry Houdini" (1874-1926), mágico e escritor americano
English French To English - Weiss 
n. Weiss, family name; Peter Weiss (1916-1982), German-Swedish dramatist and novelist; Erich Weiss "Harry Houdini" (1874-1926), American magician and writer
English German To English - Weiss 
(das) n. white, color white
Dutch German To Dutch - Weiss 
blaank ,weet*von wissen ,wit ,weet
Japanese English To Japanese - Weiss 
(名) ワイス, 姓; ピーター ワイス(1916-1982), ドイツ人でありスウェーデン人である脚本家で小説家; エリック ワイス, ハリー ハウディニ(1874-1926), 米国のマジシャンで作家
ChineseS German To ChineseS - Weiss 
[das] ①白。白色。②怀斯,姓氏。 = Weiss
French German To French - Weiss 
n. blanc (m)
adj. blanc
adv. blanc: en blanc
Italian German To Italian - Weiss 
n. bianco (m), biancume (m)
adj. bianco, chiaro, pallido, neve: con la neve, candido
Russian German To Russian - Weiss 
n. белизна (n), белый цвет (n), белила (n)
Spanish German To Spanish - Weiss 
adj. blanco, albar, albero, albo, marfilino
Turkish German To Turkish - Weiss 
i. beyaz renk (n)


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