English - English - a bolt from the blue
unexpected and shocking surprise or event (e.g.: "She had been working in the company for twenty years, so when she quit it must have felt like a bolt from the blue")
English - Spanish - a bolt from the blue
evento o sorpresa estremecedora e inesperada ("como un balde de agua fría")
English - French - a bolt from the blue
événement inattendu; surprise; étonnement
English - German - a bolt from the blue
wie ein Blitz aus heiterem Himmel, ein unerwartetes und schockierendes Ereignis
English - Italian - a bolt from the blue
un fulmine a ciel sereno, un evento improvviso che lascia di sconcerto
English - Polish - a bolt from the blue
id. grom z jasnego nieba
English - Portuguese - a bolt from the blue
algo inesperado, uma grande surpresa
English - Romanian - a bolt from the blue
id. trăsnet: un trăsnet din senin
English - Russian - a bolt from the blue
гром среди ясного неба, полная неожиданность
English - Dutch - a bolt from the blue
onverwachte of schokkende verrassing of gebeurtenis, een complete verrassing (bv. "Zij heeft twintig jaar in het bedrijf gewerkt, dus toen ze ontslag nam kwam dat als een complete verrassing)
English - Arabic - a bolt from the blue
‏مفاجأة تامة، صاعقة مدوية‏
English - Japanese - a bolt from the blue

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