English - Definiton of aal Pronunciation
n. East Indian small evergreen shrub
n. eel, snakelike fish
v. stretch, extend, stretch out
English - German - aal Pronunciation
n. ostindischer kleiner immergrüner Strauch
English - Portuguese - aal Pronunciation
s. arbusto sempre-verde nativo do oriente
English - Turkish - aal Pronunciation
Hindistan dutu
German - English - aal Pronunciation
n. East Indian small evergreen shrub
Dutch - English - aal Pronunciation
n. eel, elver (type of fish); ale, strong beer
German - Spanish - aal Pronunciation
n. anguila (f)
German - French - aal Pronunciation
n. anguille (f)
German - Italian - aal Pronunciation
n. anguilla (f)
German - Russian - aal Pronunciation
n. угорь (m)
German - Turkish - aal Pronunciation
i. yılan balığı (m)
Dutch - French - aal Pronunciation
(zoölogie) anguille (f)
German - Dutch - aal Pronunciation
English - Japanese - aal Pronunciation
(名) 東インドの低木
German - Chinese - aal Pronunciation
[der] pl.Aale 鳗鱼。鳝鱼。鳗鲡科。欧洲鳗鲡。海鳗类。
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